Best Deal Beach Lot with Eco Dive Resort in San Juan Siquijor For Sale- #Siq0066

San Juan Siquijor Beach Lot with Eco Dive Resort in  For Sale This Operational Dive Resort is located in the busiest main area of San Juan. This business has 2 websites and its established nationwide. This beach lot with existing operational business in San Juan is located in the busiest area of San Juan. The […]

Churches in Siquijor

Churches marks the faith and the history of a place. They define the deep faith and devotion of the people. The churches in Siquijor are not only there to stand, but they magnify the history for Siquijor. Let us talk about the churches in Siquijor in this article. San Isidro Labrador Church This church is commonly […]

Best Beaches in Siquijor

  Best Beaches in Siquijor In all of its splendor, there are a number of the best beaches in Siquijor. This tiny island is not only famous for its prestine waters, but also for its white beaches, relaxing nature, and peaceful community. Let us forget all about the myths and discover “Isla Del Fuego” (island of […]