Why You Need a Business Property for Tourism in Siquijor

A business property for tourism is very relevant in Siquijor. As you may not know, Siquijor is one of the most beautiful island in the Philippines. The island is not only known for its gorgeous waterfalls, relaxing beaches, marine reserves, and so on, but also is known to be a nesting grounds for witches. However, this stays only as a myth. Once you see its beauty, you will be amazed by its undisturbed sceneries.

Located in the Central Visayas, Siquijor Island is midway between Visayas and Mindanao islands. It is 565 aerial kilometers away from the capital city of Philippines, which is Manila. This is such a small island with a total land area of 34,350 hectares or 343.50 square kilometers and ranked third as the smallest island in the Philippines. Islands like Negros Oriental, Cebu, Camiguin, and Mindanao surround Siquijor. Examining this island, you’ll see that it is mostly made up of limestone rock materials and encompassed by mangroves, white sandy beaches, and well preserved marine life and coral reefs. Locals in the island are friendly and above all they speak in both Filipino and English. There’s nothing to worry about language barrier. Expect friendly and hospitable people in Siquijor.

Now the question is, should you invest for a business property mainly for tourism in this island? Absolutely yes, and here are few reasons why:

  1. Siquijor is one of the fastest growing tourists’ destination in Asia.

–  According to The World Tonight, ANC, on their news last July 7, 2017, “The number of tourists who visit Siquijor increases every year, earning the province the top rank among the fastest growing tourist destinations in Asia.” Not only tourists but fellow Filipinos as well from neighboring islands are visiting Siquijor for vacation. A resort or other tourism business property would greatly benefit from this increment for the next following years.

  1. Siquijor is a perfect place for vacation.

– Some call it the Healing Paradise. As a small island, life here takes away the rush and pressure in the city. People from all over places come here to unwind. There are no malls here, just few restaurants, and only 1 big supermarket called Prince. There is little traffic on the road. But locals here are living in joy. This island is indeed great for a vacation and soaking with nature. And a tourism business here is hard to fail.

  1. Siquijor has plenty of available properties you can invest to.

– Choosing a property might be very confusing. There are a lot of thing to consider. In Siquijor, there are a lot of properties for sale at very low costs. You are investing with the lowest possible money and yet you’re earnings are a guarantee. Here at siquijorpropertysales.com, we have gathered all available properties that you can choose from.

The island of Siquijor offers a variety of scenery and activities. It holds a lot for it size, including white beaches, waterfalls, dive sites, waterfalls, mountains, cliffs, and endless jungles trails. It’s always on the list for travel bugs. And this island is worth considering for your dream business.