Churches in Siquijor

Churches marks the faith and the history of a place. They define the deep faith and devotion of the people. The churches in Siquijor are not only there to stand, but they magnify the history for Siquijor. Let us talk about the churches in Siquijor in this article.

San Isidro Labrador Church

St. Francis Of Assisi Parish

Mount Carmel Church

Mount Carmel Church, on the other hand, is one of those modern churches. It looks new and neat because the church is properly maintained. In front of the church is a park that you can enjoyably tour around due to its beauty.

St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church

Our Lady of the Divine Providence Parish

These churches in Siquijor marked its history and culture. Some were established as a means of protection and some were built for the purpose of faith. Deep inside the hearts of the localities is the desire to worship so these structures were raised.. These churches stand as a lighthouse to the searching souls of Siquijor’s citizens.